These are the rules on Bigfootpedia. Please read the rules before editing, if any rules are broken you will be blocked.

Main Rules Edit

  • If you are making an article about a Bigfoot sighting or audio, please add a video or audio file to the article. If you don't, we will delete the page for not having proof. Uploading images of scenes of the videos is fine though.
  • Be sure to give a good description of the sighting/audio.
  • Please do not add Bigfoot art or animations, even if it's inspired by an actual sighting.
  • If you do make an article about a Bigfoot sighting or audio, you must add it's location such as United States, Canada etc. You also must add the state or province it came from. (Wyoming, British Columbia etc.) If you fail to follow this rule, we will add a stub template to the article.
  • Do not vandalize articles, you will be banned for infinity if you do.
  • If you make an article about a state or province and it's Bigfoot sightings, please add a image of the flag.
  • It's okay to add transcripts in an article about a Bigfoot audio recording, but you have to make it in this format:
This format.

Blocks Edit

Our block system here at Bigfootpedia is the strike system, similar to that of Youtube's strike system. You will always be warned if you break a rule, with the exception of vandalism. Also keep in mind that anonymous Wikia users will be banned first instead of given a warning first. Here it is:

  • Warning
  • 3 day ban
  • 1 month ban
  • Infinite ban