The Patterson-Gimlin Film (Or simply known as the Patterson Film) is a short 1-minute film and the greatest footage of Bigfoot ever to exist. The film was made in 1967, and there have been countless people that have tried to debunk or authenticate it. Some people say that the Bigfoot is just a man in a gorilla suit, while others have said that the Patterson-Gimlin film really does have a Bigfoot. The footage was filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert "Bob" Gimlin. Before Roger died of cancer on January 15th 1972, he stated that he maintained right to the end to prove that the creature (Bigfoot) is real. While Robert denies having any part with Roger about making this a hoax. Robert constantly denies talking about the film all the way from the early 1970s, until 2005, where he began reviewing the Patterson-Gimlin film at Bigfoot conferences.